Wednesday, October 10, 2012

(Almost) Weekly Wednesday: Entertainment Lists

Howdy Folks!

Contrary to popular belief, Meg and I both REALLY love television. And music. And I love clothes/makeup. I promise you that we aren't JUST book nerds, but nerds of all trades. And should you be (GASP) sick of reading, please check out the list below to see what we've been watching, wearing and listening to recently.


  1. Television: The Office, Season 9 has just started, and I want to cry! It's the final season, and it disappoints me because I just discovered The Office four or five months ago. I actually spent a month watching every episode on my computer so I could be caught up, that's how much I loved it. If you weren't an Office fan before, don't watch it. You'll get too addicted, and you'll just crash and burn from the agony of having a wonderful, hilarious show ripped from under your feet. Or maybe not. Maybe your personality isn't as addictive as mine.
  2. Movies: The Notebook was the movie I watched most recently and I hated that I loved it. I have never cried so hard watching anything in my life. I have a heart of stone when it comes to most fictional (and, let's be honest here, non-fictional) events, but this movie just melted me. I was watching it was Meg and another friend of ours for the first time, and I was trying so hard not to cry, but it was pointless. I ended up making myself cry harder, and I was sobbing on our friend's shoulder. It sucked. But the movie was great! (P.S. it was hilarious to watch, Liz sounded like she was laughing while having the hick ups while breathing in water!! and her facial expressions, they were to die for!! - Love Meg ;)
  3. Clothes: AH MY GOSH, this is the most exciting part for me! As a gift, I was given this lovely Juicy Couture bracelet and it's so pretty and I can't stop staring at it! Just look at it! It's so beautiful!
  4. Makeup: This has been my longtime love, and I am shocked that beauty gurus on YouTube or other blogs have never talked about it, but the Full Effect Extreme Action Mascara by Sephora is to die for! It's $18 a tube (I got a deluxe version for seventy-five cents and it had lasted me for months, even with daily use) and it makes my eyelashes look AMAZING! SO BEAUTIFUL! They make them longer, thicker, and they separate wonderfully, so I would certainly tell you to go buy a tube. 
YO people from the rest of this world (or maybe not...), welcome to my list :D

  1. Television: I don't have one favourite tv show. I have 5. Lost Girl!!! Oh man, i watched all the seasons in a whole week. THe show is to die for. No joke. For those of you who haven't seen it, its a paranormal, romantic, action packed, drama filled, crazy awesome show. Next is flashpoint!! It's one of those crime and cop shows and I love it. Makes my day whenever I watch it. Onto Castle!! Again its a crime, mystery solving, cop show aha. I love 'em. This one though is more comedy filled. The fourth show is Stargate Sg1!!!!!!!!! I have seen all the episodes and all the movies and Carter is my all time favourite character. I don't even have any words to describe it, thats how awesome it is. Last but not least is Gravity Falls on Family Channel. Yes I still watch family channel, but only for this show. Its all comedy and I think we need that in our lives or... Maybe I just need it... :)
  2. Words: This is just random but I love saying them. Flip, holy, hobot, hobag, mother, shizz, grrr, shee-it, plight, rubbish, lies!, lithium, potassium, omj, and many many more :)
  3. Movie: She's the Man!!!!!!!! who doesn't love that movie?? i watch it everytime I'm sick and have watched it like 30 times (thats probably under the real amount). I know all the words and could probably win a game show based around it. Watch it, i dare you.
  4. Music: Ummm this is one of the hardest questions to answer (not that i was asked a question...) so i will list who i am listening to right now: Paramore, Coldplay, Halestorm, The Killers, The Sounds, Regina Spektor, Kathryn Calder, The Pretty Reckless, Neon Trees, LP, and Exitmusic. If you have not heard of one of these bands/artists I suggest you check them out. And most of that list are some of my favs so... yeah.
  5. Color: OMJ!! Its really hard to chose, they are all so beautiful in their own way. Light, light blue, neon green, neon yellow, neon pink, iris purple, light orange (baby orange???), blood red, white and black and a combo of blue and grey. AND AUQA!
P.S. GASP- Grabbing All Spare Pennies... Just saying


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