Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review: Crewel by Gennifer Albin

Title/Author: Crewel, Gennifer Albin

Publication Date: October 16th 2012 

Publisher: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux

Source: My library

Rating: 5/5 looms

Its been awhile... I am sorry for this but Liz and I have been very busy with exams and the new school term. We hope we didn't lose you guys.

Anyways today's book is Crewel by Gennifer Albin, which you can see above. And here is the back description: 

Enter a tangled world of secrets and intrigue where a girl controls other’s destinies, but not her own
Sixteen-year-old Adelice Lewys has always been special. When her parents discover her gift—the ability to weave the very fabric of reality—they train her to hide it. For good reason, they don’t want her to become one of the elite, beautiful, and deadly women who determine what people eat, where they live, how many children they have, and even when they die.
But Adelice is forced to into this powerful group, and she must learn to navigate the dangerous politics at play. Caught in a web of lies and forbidden romance, she must unravel the sinister truth behind her own unspeakable power. Her world is hanging by a thread, and Adelice, alone, can decide to save it—or destroy it.

It was absolutely stunning and amazing. I dont know how I'm going to live till the next book comes out aha. It was just beautiful and unique. Probably one of the most unique books I have ever read. The characters were captivating, the plot was interesting and mind blowing, the setting was out of this world almost literally (if you read it you will get that joke hopefully aha) and it was written so well. Props to you Gennifer Albin, you're an awesome/amazing/creative/astounding/extraordinary/fantastic writer. I was speechless after I finished it.

I think my favourite parts of this book were the twists that I didn't see coming and the feelings between Adelice and her lover aha. They were so real. And even when things got complicated Adelice didn't do anything too stupid like main girls in other books. I liked that she was rebellious but not  hard core rebellious where the whole book readers are yelling at it going 'you're being extremely stupid right now!' It was very refreshing like a nice big glass of cold water. 

There were acouple of parts where I was like how is this possible? And what the flip just happened? (But of course its a fantasy/supernatural/dystopian story so nothing has to be possible aha...) but that's probably because I'm sick and can barely remember how to pour cereal correctly...  Anyways after reading like a paragraph after the part where I was confused, I would totally get it and be freaking out and jumping up and down in my seat with excitement. I just have to mention I was on Adelice's lovers team the whole time aha. And I love him. Just saying. 

The ending was perfect. There's no other way to describe it. It wasn't really a cliff hanger but it left you wondering what the hell was going to happen next. It left me with many many questions which I'm sure will be answered in the next book. But till then I will be pulling my hair out coming up with solutions to everything. Which I don't mind doing when it is a very good book aha.

I recommend you all read this. To me it seemed alittle more tuned towards girls but I'm sure guys could enjoy it as well. It's just one of those books you can't put down and end up reading till 4am in the morning on a school night... Aha

Right now the expected release date for the second book, Altered, is: October 29th 2013
So read it. After you read this one.

It was lovely writing for you all again and there will be more reviews to come because I am on vacation and brought 6 books with me...
Dont be afraid to email Liz and or I with suggestions or books we should review or even if you want to talk.

- Meg ;)